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there's clorox bleach. good morning, america. this morning, the superstorm. sandy, downgraded to a tropical storm overnight. but do not be fooled. forecasters say this is shaping up to be a once-in-a-lifetime event, with 66 million people in the bull's eye and possibly $15 billion in damage. our extreme team, live up and down the coast this morning. weekend whirlwind. with sandy bearing down, president obama and mitt romney are going through battleground states for every vote. in this down-to-the-wire race, how is it that both guys are so confident? extreme shoplifting. caught on tape. look at this. a suitcase filled with $1,000 in steaks. this guy hiding items in a neck
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brace. how the thieves are now working in teams and making everything more expensive for you. ♪ happy birthday to you and best birthday ever. we'll tell you how a mall worker managed to convince 1980s rock legend billy idol to play at his birthday party. this man went through extraordinary lengths, launching a two-year campaign to meet his idol. and we were there overnight, exclusively, for the big payoff. you learn something new every morning on this broadcast. i had no idea ron claiborne was a big billy idol fan. >> i am, indeed. and justin bieber fan. >> who knew? >> thanks, ron. good morning, everybody. we want to get straight to the big story this morning. that superstorm. abc's meteorologist, ginger zee, is in florida, tracking what
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could be a once-in-a-century event. >> sandy has been downgraded to a tropical storm. but that's temporary. this 900-mile-wide behemoth is forecast to become a hurricane again and join forces with a storm. multiple states are issuing emergency alerts. and for many, today is the calm before the storm. the last day to stock up, batten down or just get out of town. >> that's what millions of people are doing, getting out. to give you a sense of what a mess this storm could make, it's expected to slam parts of the east coast with a foot of rain and up to several feet of snow. it's going to last for days, bringing wind damage, power outages and possibly massive flooding in some parts. abc's extreme team is covering all the angles this morning. we're going to start with ginger in cocoa beach, florida. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, dan. it's very windy here. we've had wind gusts of 50 miles per hour-plus. you can see the choppy surf behind me. there was a 31-foot wave way out
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at sea. speaking of way out at sea, that's where tropical storm sandy is. yes, it was downgraded. but you can't let that fool you because it will reintensify. you can see the satellite picture. it gives you an idea of where the storm is moving, north-northeast away from florida. next stop is the carolinas. and potentially, that date with weather history. tumultuous waves hammering florida beaches. serious erosion. and almost four inches of rain along parts of the florida coast. that's what sandy looks like down here. but up there, from space, you can clearly see the tropical storm. its large, stretching wind field sending tropical storm-force winds over 900 miles across. and sandy aggravates the atlantic, its path of destruction has left 43 people dead across the caribbean. through the weekend, the storm will hug the carolinas before turning its eye directly towards the coast. somewhere between the mid-atlantic, northeast and
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new england by monday night. >> this storm that is going to be impacting the mid-atlantic and parts of the northeast is going to be destructive, historic, and unfortunately life-threatening. >> reporter: tropical storm sandy is a strong storm alone. but she's about to get infused with two atmospheric players. sandy will meet up with a trough from the west. that basically means a lot of energy and cold, dry air to mix in. then, you have a high-pressure system parked over greenland. that creates a blocking pattern, forcing energy back towards the storm and driving it into the east coast. the biggest concern in the coming days is the potential for four-foot to ten-foot coastal surge. that's expected in vulnerable areas, like d.c., new jersey and new york, where evacuation orders may be enforced. even though the forecast path takes its center rig into southern new jersey and parts of delaware, the wind field will be huge on this. that's why we have to check
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in with our matt gutman. he's in nags head, north carolina. matt, i'm going to give you those 50-mile-per-hour gusts today. >> reporter: thanks a lot, ginger. we really are starting to feel the impact of that texas-sized storm starting to wallop here. want to give you a sense of how frothy the water has become. it's been whipping up this foam everywhere. now, across the mid-atlantic, they're in full swing with preparations there. even starting to hand out sandbags in washington, d.c. with the lopsided behemoth lumbering towards them, all atlantic states are declaring states of energy, including virginia. >> this is an unpredictable weather event. but one that is possibly very dangerous weather event for the commonwealth of virginia. we're used to having hurricanes. we're just not used to having them in late october. >> reporter: in the nation's capital, linesmen were out reinforcing power lines, bracing for days' long blackouts.
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and nearly the entire navy fleet in norfolk is now under sail. and 23 ships steaming out of port and harm's way. and officials are closely watching the eight refineries in the storm's path. the hybrid storm already churning up potentially deadly surf here in north carolina. raising red flag warnings. >> it's crazy. never seen a storm this late in the season. >> reporter: cutting short vacations. and sending tourists streaming from the outer banks to higher ground. and locals, to stores to stock up on supplies. and we are already starting to hear reports of people buying out generators. even shortages of water in some places. and because this is such a massive system moving in, the national guard has said it is ready with 61,000 troops, guardsmen available, if they are needed to be called up. ginger? >> matt, let's get straight to that tropical storm watch and warning. this is what people need to know this morning. this is what the storm is going
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to do to you. from central florida all the way up through the carolinas. the watches and warnings for 40-mile-per-hour to 50-mile-per-hour gusts. that's today through tomorrow. then, the storm, the path takes it to the mid-atlantic, southern new jersey and delaware, being the heart of it. but the wind field extends beyond that. it could be felt all the way to ohio, parts of western pennsylvania. and the storm surge was mentioned once but needs to be mentioned again. six-foot to nine-foot possible. atlantic city, included. new york city, included. long island, as well. and then, we've got that rainfall because you heard a lot about it. at best, locally, some places could top out at a foot or more after this is all said and done. you see the heart of it, at 6 to 12 inches. and it extends back into the eastern great lakes, where you get anywhere from three, four, or even five inches of rain when this is all said and done. so, flooding is going to be a problem. coastal flooding a major issue. and there's snow. i'll have more on that coming up in a couple of minutes.
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for now, we'll go back to the studio. >> all right, ginger. we'll see you in a few minutes. thank you. meantime, this extremely dangerous superstorm has the potential to shut down new york and other big cities up and down the east coast. emergency officials are scrambling to make sure preparations are in place. and abc's john schriffen has that part of the story from lower manhattan. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning. we are here in battery park city, in what's now being called zone "a." 375,000 residents around the city live in the low-lying potential flood zones. you look at the water right now, it is calm. but when sandy comes through, it wouldn't take much for the water to come up over the walls. last year, for hurricane irene, these residents had to be evacuated. so, this time around, they're ready for the worst. east coast communities going on the offensive. building sand walls, securing property and stocking up on supplies, as the superstorm closes in. after being pounded last year by
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hurricane irene with its record storm surge and feet of flooding, new york residents are once again bracing for the worst. damage from irene topped $14 billion. and sandy could wreak even more havoc. >> certainly having lived through it. i lost everything in my basement. i had up to ten feet of water in my house. this is a concern. >> reporter: governor cuomo has declared a state of emergency in preparation for sandy's impact. and mayor michael bloomberg warned new york city residents to brace themselves. >> there's the possibility of parts of our city flooding or high winds that could force certain bridges to be closed. >> reporter: last year, in advance of irene, mayor bloomberg made the unprecedented order to evacuate low-lying areas of the city and shut down the subway system. as sandy barrels north, the city's more than 7 million strap hangers await a decision about another possible shutdown. and mayor bloomberg says the subway system will shut down if the wind speeds exceed 39 miles per hour.
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now, he also recommends that residents put together a go pack with all of the essentials, should you need to evacuate at a moment's notice. >> potentially a huge crisis for the biggest city in this country. john schriffen, thank you. that concludes our storm coverage of the morning. now, to politics. and this storm could hardly come at a more inconvenient time for the presidential campaign. it's "your voice, your vote." and with just ten days to go, president obama and mitt romney are having to cancel events from their meticulously-planned schedules, with some key battleground states directly in the path of this storm. abc's david kerley is at the white house this morning. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. mitt romney has canceled events at virginia beach, along the coast of virginia. and there's a chance the president's schedule may be affected, as well, as this storm comes to shore. despite that, both campaigns are displaying confidence, as we run down the days to election time. and they're playing to specific groups of voters. turn the channel, and you see
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the president on mtv. >> an honor. >> reporter: and" inside edition." >> this is a big show. >> reporter: the comedy shows. leno. >> i feel great. >> reporter: and the first lady on "kimmel." >> election day. election day. up and adam. >> reporter: and not just tv. ♪ this is a part of me >> reporter: a campaign event with katy perry. >> she's a wonderful young lady. >> reporter: an interview with "rolling stone" and "us weekly." the president is going hip and young. he's ahead with nearly two-thirds of those voters. but he needs them to turn out. for romney, who has co-opted the president's change slogan from four years ago -- >> what this requires is change. >> reporter: -- it's a different audience. the governor leads among white men, 66% to 32%. and he leads in most national polls. while the president has a slight lead in many of the battleground states. ♪ signed, sealed, delivered i'm yours ♪ >> reporter: that's left both
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campaigns feeling confident they have the voters, the ground game to bring home a victory. >> somebody is going to be wrong on november 7th. so, very different assumptions that these campaigns have about the kinds of people who are going to turn out to vote. >> reporter: how close is this election? the campaigns are searching for those undecided voters any way they can. one ohio voter wrote on facebook, that on friday, ann romney called him to wish him a happy birthday. she seemed like a nice lady, he wrote. michelle never took the time. back to sandy, now. there's a chance this could take the president off the campaign trail if it becomes a devastating storm on the east coast. it shows how important some of that early voting for both campaigns may be. dan and bianna? >> and the facebook post that shows how important ohio is. if you're slightly offended that only one of the potential first ladies called you. david kerley, thank you very much. as we said, t-minus ten days until the election. let's bring in our political contributor, nicolle wallace, former adviser for the bush and
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mccain/palin campaign. can we talk about this storm? >> i can't wait to get out of here and fill up a go bag to protect myself. listen. there is always the third wheel when you're taking the plans for the final ten days. that is all of the national events that can change or reshape the election are over. the debates are over. the conventions are over. there's always an outside event that can have the effect of reordering the entire race. that's what this storm can be. it's high-stakes drama for both campaigns. you can be assured there are meetings where they are going over those precision drops, if you will, the travel schedules for the candidates, for the wives, for the surrogates. and making sure none of that works against what they're trying to do. >> could be a make-or-break moment for the president, either way. what do you make of the discrepancy of the polls? the national polls and the swing states? >> we're looking at national polls. but they're rendered pretty
8:14 am
irrelevant at this point. this has come down to 50 statewide races. and that's all that matters until or unless we ever change the way we elect presidents. so, at this point, there's not much to be gleaned anymore or to understand in the national polls. and really, what matters most are the numbers in the states, like ohio, like florida, like north carolina and virginia. >> one has to wonder with the jobs report coming five days before election day, what impact that could have. thank you so much for joining us. go pack your bags. to the latest on the race for the white house, don't miss "this week" with george stephanopoulos tomorrow morning right here on abc. and now, let's get more of the top stories from ron. good to see you. >> i'm prepared for this storm with my water-proof suit. we're going to begin with new details on the deadly meningitis outbreak. disturbing findings in the fda's preliminary report on the massachusetts pharmacy linked to the outbreak. federal inspectors found mold,
8:15 am
bacteria and a greenish-yellow residue in rooms and on equipment that were supposed to be sterile. the outbreak has caused 25 deaths and sickened 338 people across the country. and syria's shaky cease-fire for a muslim holiday does not appear to be holding. activists are reporting attacks by syrian troops again today. a day after two car bombs and fighting left more than 100 people. thousands of people took advantage of the cease-fire to pour into the streets to protest president assad's rule. and former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi has been sentenced to four years in prison for tax fraud, although he's unlikely to serve a day behind bars. he called it a political sentence. he's on trial for paying for sex, allegedly, with an underaged prostitute. and senate majority leader, harry reid, is in good con after a car accident in las vegas that happened on friday. reid, the nevada democrat, was released from the hospital with rib and hip contusions.
8:16 am
six cars were involved in the chain reaction crash, including four from his caravan. reid was not driving. and casey anthony's lawyers are asking for a venue change for upcoming civil defamation trial. they argue that anthony would not get an impartial jury because of pretrial publicity. anthony wiz acquitted of murder in the 2-year-old death of her daughter, caylee. and remarkable footage from felix baumgartner's space dive. see the earth below here, he's above it. the cameras on his suit as he plunged to the ground, becoming the first person to break the sound barrier. at one point, you see him spinning violently, when he appeared to lose control. the footage will be part of a national geographic documentary. it's a little-known fact, he's the second person to break the sound barrier. i was the first one. but i'm going to let it go. >> were you in a water-proof suit? >> i was in a water-proof space suit. guy's claiming to be the first
8:17 am
guy. no big deal. >> you're so magnanimous. thank you, ron. >> so humble, ron. thank you. we're going to go to the extreme shoplifting. bold, brazen shoplifters caught on tape. the new generation of thieves using a whole bag of new tricks to steal some pretty pricey products. abc's pierre thomas explains how it's impacting the price you pay at the checkout line. >> reporter: caught on tape. one of the more casual thieves you'll ever see, stealing cosmetics. stuffing items in his coat. so relaxed. but greedy. but he keeps going back. look at him. five times. and just this week, look at this shoplifter raiding the supermarket. he has a very specific target. gourmet organic steak and lamb chops. valued at nearly $1,000. that's him right there, strolling out of the store with a suitcase full of meat. and this man allegedly stole $20,000 of oil of olay creams,
8:18 am
at 34 stores in texas, the oil of olay bandit. if you thought petty shoplifting was a petty crime, think again. $30 billion in shoplifting. with an 11% spike in losses from 2010 to 2011. >> that increases prices on the products in the stores. the stores have to compensate in some way, for the merchandise that's lost. >> reporter: many of the items stolen are personal products. whitening strips like this are popular targets. items that might surprise you. early pregnancy tests, baby formula, rogaine, razors, batteries and red bull. in case you get caught, tylenol extra strength. who is behind the epidemic of thefts? perhaps your next door neighbor, like this man, who slips something from the store into his neck brace. but it's organized crime gangs who steal massive amounts of product.
8:19 am
they steal stuff everyone needs or wants and quickly sell it on the street or in some cases, online. stores are fighting back, locking up household items, expanding the use of surveillance cameras, alarm tags and informing networks to alert each other about shoplifting gangs. all to catch a thief. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> the neck brace maneuver. didn't see that one coming. let's check the weather once again. back to ginger zee who is on the front lines in florida. ginger? >> good morning, everybody. we talked a lot about storm surge, wind and waves. but we have not yet talked about that cold part of the system. that's where i want to start. the snowfall that will interact with sandy. and it will kind of go into the mountains there. i want to focus in on west virginia because they could get, that's right, more than a foot in some places. that's that deep, magenta color. and sandy's not the only story across the nation. some heat in the southwest. we need to look at that because other people dealing with things here. 91 los angeles today.
8:20 am
82 san diego. 89 palm springs. i'll leave you with the national outlook. >> we talk about some of the worst tomorrows in history, dan and i, pretty often. and i think this could become one. i'll have more coming up in the next half hour. for now, we get back to the studio. >> thank you, ginger.
8:21 am
stay safe out there. switching gears. something we've been thinking about here at the office. do you ever notice that when we cover stories about bank robbers the suspects always have interesting, sometimes creative names. >> i'm going to list some of my favorites. the balding bandit. the mid life crisis bandit. and i love this, the sweaty back bandit. it turns out, there's one guy behind all of this creativity. and we met him. almost every day, the fbi, police and banks are plastering another grainy surveillance picture and a catchy nickname all over billboards, wanted posters and tv screens. >> the wigout bandit. the so-called clubby bandit. >> looking for a man they call the trick or treat bandit. >> reporter: nicknames like the bucket list bandit aren't just catchy. they can be the key to actually catching the bad guy. >> those people will take notice sometimes. well, that's a funny name. why would you call a bank robber that? and all of a sudden, someone says, oh, that looks like my neighbor.
8:22 am
>> reporter: in southern california, the so-called bank robbery capital of the world, christening crooks is an important responsibility. and 95% of it falls on this guy's shoulders, special agent steve may of the los angeles fbi office. >> it gets old. trust me. >> reporter: in august, david wright spoke to may when he was hot on the trail of the plain jane bandit. >> no disguise. average-looking. is that uncommon? >> it's more uncommon. on some robberies, she didn't wear a hat or glasses. >> reporter: so, what's in a name? according to may it could be any numbers of things. some get named for the way they dress, like the dapper bandit. or the cyclops bandit with his obvious visual handicap. others come from witness accounts, like the irreconcilable differences bandit, who claimed his crime spree on a messy divorce. when he got nabbed, he did not give his nickname a stellar review. >> one of the first things he
8:23 am
said, the name, hated it. it was horrible. he was disappointed. >> i hear that the sweaty back bandit didn't like his name, either. >> he was offended? >> he was offended. >> let's hope that guy doesn't get writer's block. coming up on the broadcast, the latest on the superstorm. live reports from the front lines, as the monster marches up the east coast this morning. plus, a warning for all parents. those bouncey houses your kids love to play in, they can be a lot more dangerous than you think. we'll have the details on that when we return. ♪ happy birthday to you happy birthday to you ♪ and this is an incredible story. the mall worker who launched a two-year campaign to enlist 1980s rock legend billy idol to play his birthday party. overnight, "gma" was there exclusively, when the two-year campaign had its big payoff. keep it here. more "gma" in a few minutes.
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♪ dancing with myself oh, oh ♪ ♪ dancing with myself oh, oh ♪ they were crying, more, more, more for rock legend billy idol at an exclusive birthday bash last night. a two-year campaign to get the idol to play a seattle man's birthday. we'll tell you how he convinced idol to do it. when i was teasing this story for the local reporter, she said, holy white wedding. he looks fantastic. >> he really does. the '80s weren't that long ago, apparently. good morning, america. we have a heads-up for parents as we get close to halloween. the bouncey houses, those things
8:31 am
are popular this time of year. we're going to show you how seriously awry things can go, with little kids involved. it was a big week for oprah winfrey. we had her as a special guest on "gma." and she did a little shopping. she's one of the richest women in the world. but you would not believe what she wore on her feet walking around new york city. we are going to begin with the superstorm barreling up the east coast. a monster on a collision course with two other systems. it's taken more than 40 lives in the caribbean and states up the entire eastern seaboard are bracing for its impact. ginger zee is in cocoa beach, florida, where they are ready for the storm. ginger? >> right after 8:00 a.m. eastern time, we got an update from the national hurricane center. sandy, back to a hurricane. that threshold for that number is 74 miles per hour. now, it has 75-mile-per-hour winds. earlier this morning, it had dropped to 70. either way, it's going to fluctuate around that threshold for the next two days.
8:32 am
you hear it's a strong tropical storm or a weak category 1 hurricane. i have to talk about timing. that's what i didn't emphasize enough at the top of the hour. carolina will into the mid-atlantic sunday. the breezy conditions. and then, it rlly gets going. monday night into early tuesday, the heart of it hitting, again, southern new jersey, into delaware. that's what the models look like right now. but the wind field on this thing is giant. so, anywhere from the cape down through virginia and even parts of the carolinas. i don't want you to let your guard down at any point because you'll have tropical storm force or even hurricane force winds. that's 60-mile-per-hour to 90-mile-per-hour winds there in the red zone. new york city, washington, d.c., included in that. i want to make sure you have all of that information. more on the nation's weather coming up. but for now, back to bianna. >> ginger, thanks. and abc's matt gutman is in north carolina's outer banks, where they're hunkering down for sandy.
8:33 am
what's the latest from nags head, matt? >> hey, bianna. the outer tentacles of sandy are sprawling northward. not just here in nags head, north carolina. but six states declaring states of emergency up and down the eastern seaboard. and washington, d.c., as well. that's where they're handing out sandbags. just north of here in norfolk, virginia, the entire navy fleet, 23 ships, are setting sail out of harm's way and out of port. and an army of line workers is being deployed, trying to shore up the lines across the area. everybody seems to be bracing themselves for days of blackouts. and of course, people are taking this seriously. they're out in stores. we're hearing runs on generators. even bottled water. >> it's good that people are taking this seriously. matt, we appreciate your reporting this morning. moving on, now, they are a staple of halloween parties everywhere. bounce houses. kids love them.
8:34 am
but take a look at how things can go horribly wrong. this is a largely unregulatetho injuries every day. abc's mark greenblatt is on the story. >> reporter: an inflatable bounce house at this new york soccer field starts floating away. the wind tosses it like a rag doll. taking it and several children inside up in the air. the unexpected and frightening ride then comes crashing down on top of several people. >> i actually took a hit in the back with a balloon. it bounced off me, hit my wife on the shoulders and threw her to the ground. it was pretty traumatic. >> i couldn't even get up. i fell so hard. >> reporter: but the people hurt here are just a few of the thousand injured every year in related accidents involving inflatable rides. the consumer product safety commission tells abc news, there were an estimated 4,700 emergency room treated injuries related to the rise in 2011. a spokesperson told us, it's so important for consumers to anchor the inflatable bounce and supervise the children while in
8:35 am
use. take what happened in arizona, where another inflatable bounce house blows across the field, again with children inside. many states have no regulation at all over the inflatable play areas. and almost anyone can rent them. in fact, abc news found that for less than $1,000 online, you, too, can buy your very own commercial-sized bounce house. the national association of amusement rides safety officials tell abc, parents should never let children play inside one, without a trained operator right by its side. keeping a little fun from turning into something that's scary. mark greenblatt, abc news, new york. >> that video is extraordinary. i had no idea how easy it was to get one of those things. a lot of other news developing overnight. for more on that, we turn to mr. ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. in the news, the superstorm is threatening to alter campaign plans for both president obama and mitt romney, as they come down the final stretch. romney and vice president biden have canceled weekend rallies in
8:36 am
virginia. and the businessman who sued facebook founder mark zuckerberg, for half of the company. he's been arrested on fraud charges. authorities say he fabricated and destroyed evidence to support his claims. and the seven-time tour de france winner, lance armstrong, will not be awarded the award -- it was stripped from him. it will not be awarded to any other riders. the governing body will remain blank for all of the years that armstrong had one. the committee also said that armstrong should return his prize money. finally, an unexpected guest at a wendy's in kentucky. a deer came crashing through the door, shattering the glass. the deer ran around the restaurant before leaving through a window. there were no other customers inside at the time. it's time, now, for the weather and back to ginger zee. ginger? >> even though the eastern third of the nation is consumed with tropical storm sandy talk, there's a lot going on. we have to get to the cold in
8:37 am
the middle of the nation. a big cold front changed your weather. let's see how cold it is here this morning. we have temperatures at 19 in rapid city. 35 for albuquerque. so, it stretches to the southwest. minneapolis this morning at 31. i'll fly you across the nation to leave you with that big picture. you need to see other spots. maybe find your home and your forecast. >> this very windy weather report, brought to you by citibank. dan and bianna? >> great job, ginger. it's going to be a big weekend for her. coming up here on "gma," how a wild daydream turned into a wild party. one mall worker's two-year campaign to get billy idol to play his birthday. we were there for the payoff.
8:38 am
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♪ dancing with myself love that image. a very long campaign has just come to an end with a very successful ending. a seattle man celebrating his birthday. it was the birthday of a lifetime, with rock legend, billy idol. >> he got the idea to do this about two years ago. and then, he launched a long and sometimes seemingly quixotic mission, refusing to quit until mr. idol said yes. abc's clayton sandell has the story. ♪ let's go >> reporter: it may be seattle's most epic 26th birthday party ever. ♪ dancing with myself >> reporter: billy idol, overnight making a special appearance for michael henrichsen and 2,000 of his closest friends. ♪ dark in the city >> reporter: two years ago, henrichsen was working three jobs, struggling to make his mark in public relations. >> i knew i needed to do something in life, rather than just get interviews in places
8:43 am
because it just wasn't just cutting it. >> reporter: one day, he caught an old '80s favorite. ♪ nice day for a white wedding >> reporter: and inspiration hit. >> i should try to get billy idol to play my birthday party. what the hell? what do i have to lose? >> reporter: he started a web campaign, lobbying celebrities for help. the beach boys. >> this is david marks of the beach boys. why don't you play at michael's birthday party? >> reporter: fabio. >> michael's a great guy. >> reporter: and rick springfield. >> play michael's birthday. okay? >> reporter: he even formed his own '80s cover band, night wave, to play charity concerts, called billy idol aid. after two years, idol was in. >> let me tell you something, seattle. people of the world have spoken. the dream will become a reality. just kept pushing at the idea. and he seemed a little bit more than a fan. a very enterprising young man. and a cool guy, too. >> reporter: don't expect idol
8:44 am
to accept every invitation. we asked if he would play my birthday. >> no [ bleep ] way. >> reporter: the two met backstage for the first time. >> rock 'n' roll right here, people. >> reporter: and idol, who doesn't do opening acts, made an exception for night wave. and just when michael's night couldn't get any better. there was one last song. ♪ happy birthday to you happy birthday to you ♪ >> this is the epitome of my life. and the biggest night ever of my life. i couldn't be more grateful or thankful. >> reporter: for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> i hope clayton wasn't offended. >> that maybe my favorite moment from the whole piece. >> how do you top that? >> billy idol is a pretty cool guy. >> very cool guy. coming up here on "gma," forget the manolo blahniks. i'm married, i should know this. these days, when oprah winfrey goes shopping, she's going for comfort over style.
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incredible opportunity forvoting for qubaltimore.en is an... jim smith: question seven will bring table games like... blackjack and poker to baltimore. stephanie rawlings-blake: you're talking about 500 new jobs. ken ulman: and increased tourism will mean more business... for maryland's small businesses. jim smith: and instead of marylanders spending... five hundred and fifty million in other states... ken ulman: question seven will keep that money right here. stephanie rawlings-blake: more jobs, millions for schools.
8:49 am
jim smith: i'm voting for question seven. ken ulman: i'm voting for question seven. stephanie rawlings-blake: and i'm voting for question seven. it's "pop news." and our entertainment reporter and host of "on the red carpet" rachel smith, is here with all the hot news. what's going on? >> there's a lot going on, dan. let's start things off with the newlywed, jessica biel. she's settled right into married life, a week after her fairy tale wedding to justin timberlake in italy, she's changing her last name to timberlake. i think i won the jackpot of games. her professional name will be biel. but otherwise, call her mrs. timberlake. >> i like that. any rolling stones fans up here? >> yes. >> yes. >> you're going to be superjealous of 600 people because these die-hard fans got some satisfaction on thursday
8:50 am
night. the rock legends played their first show in five years. it was an intimate crowd at a paris club. the tickets went for -- >> man. >> and they played songs, ranging from classics like "midnight rambler" to "jumpin' jack flash." it was a warm-up for other concerts to celebrate their 50th anniversary. >> i cannot believe that. >> i know, right? they hinted that there could be more shows to come. only four? come on now. >> a lot of energy for old guys, huh? >> i know, right? >> did billy idol make an appearance? >> he did not. >> no billy idol. and finally, you know, we were so happy to have oprah winfrey as our "gma" guest host this week. and you may remember and the anchors wore robin's favorite flogy slippers as they spoke to her on the phone, getting an update on her health. miss winfrey was spotted shopping in new york city, wearing the slippers.
8:51 am
they look great with her designer clothing. she can do it. she's oprah winfrey, right? >> she was supposed to return them after wearing them. >> no. team robin 24/7. i love it. i love it. >> they look comfortable, too. >> more than heels. >> rachel, great to have you here on-set. >> great to be here. we'll be right back. for months, i had this deep pain all over my body. it just wouldn't go away. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic widespread pain.
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